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Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp

Registration for Diamond Crest Day Camp 2018 is closed.

No late registrations for campers will be accepted.

2018 Camp Dates

One Session: July 23, 24, 25, 26 and July 30, 31, Aug 1 and 2.* NO CAMP ON FRIDAYS!!

*Aug 1 is the last day for girls entering grades 1-3. Girls entering grades 4-10 camp overnight and return home before noon on Aug 2.

Registration is closed

Note: Registration is NOT processed on a first come, first serve basis. All registration completed within the window of February 9 to March 2 is considered on time and will be processed according to our Admission Policy. We do not accept late registrations for campers.

  • You can log into your Active account to update information on the Registration form.
    • Changes to bus stops and friend requests must be made by March 24 in order to be considered when we put girls in units and on buses.
    • All other changes must be made by June 30 in order to be included in the final camp reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Information for Staff

If you volunteered as staff, you will be contacted by phone or email in the coming weeks to discuss your position.

Staff GS Registration and Screening: All adult staff must be registered volunteers, with a background screening, and add the volunteer role “Camp Crew - Diamond Crest Day Camp” with GS NorCal.

  • If you are not registered and screened, please log into Girl Scouts of Northern CA, sign up to volunteer, and complete the online background check.
  • Once you are registered and screened: Please log on to GSNorCal, click  MyGS and Member Profile. Add the volunteer role “Camp Crew - Diamond Crest Day Camp”.
  • If you have any issues with this process, please call GS NorCal directly at 1-800-447-4475.

Staff Training: Well trained staff is critical to the success of our camp and the safety of our campers. All staff is required to attend training and signed an agreement at the time of registration. Please mark your calendar with the following dates. Missing any of these dates could jeopardize your ability to volunteer and/or you may be required to attend make up sessions.

  • Wed 4/18 7-9pm - Orientation/Welcome (all staff) - Brittain Acres Library
  • Wed 5/2 7-9pm - Meet by Level or Job-Alike (unit leaders and program staff) - Brittan Acres Library
  • Wed 5/23 7-9pm - Program Night (unit leaders)- Brittain Acres Library
  • Sun 5/20 10a-2p - Outdoor Skills Training (all leaders with less than 2 years experience, make up training for those who missed previous trainings) - Twin Pines Meadow
  • Sun 7/22 9:30a-12:30p - On-Site Training - Huddart Park

If you are an adult or junior staff who still needs to register, please do so here

  • High school seniors who will be 18 before July 23, 2018 should register as Adult Staff, not as Junior Staff.

About our Camp

Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp is an all-volunteer run day camp and is held at a San Mateo County park. Our camp has been in operation for many years and is rich in traditions and has welcomed girls for several generations. We offer one session each year. All applicants are welcome and are admitted by the criteria listed in our Admissions Policy. Our campers travel to camp each day by buses leaving from local schools, churches and community buildings in the Belmont, Redwood Shores and San Carlos area. We offer an overnight experience of 1-2 nights for campers entering grades 4-10.

Campers entering grades 1-7 are grouped in units with girls of their own age/grade and are supervised by trained staff members and program aides. Campers participate in a wide variety of activities including earning badges, hiking, outdoor cooking, learning outdoor skills, crafts, games, singing and more. 7th grade campers participate in the “Aides-in-Training” (AIT) program and may assist unit leaders as Aides when entering grades 8-10.   

Contact Information

Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp Steering Committee