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Diamond Crest Day Camp

Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp is an all-volunteer-run day camp and is held at a San Mateo County park. Our camp has been in operation for many years and is rich in traditions and  has welcomed girls for several generations.

We offer one session each  year. All applicants are welcome and are admitted by the criteria listed  in our Admissions Policy. Our campers travel to camp each day by buses leaving from local schools, churches, and community buildings in the Belmont, Redwood Shores, and San Carlos area. We offer an overnight  experience of 1-2 nights for campers entering grades 4-10. Campers  entering grades 1-7 are grouped in units with girls their own age/grade  and are supervised by trained staff members and program aides. Campers participate in a wide variety of activities including earning badges, hiking, outdoor cooking, learning outdoor skills, crafts, games, singing, and more. 7th grade campers participate in the “Aides-in-Training” (AIT) program and may assist unit leaders as Aides when entering grades 8-10. 

What happens at camp?

At Diamond Crest Day Camp, your daughter will have the opportunity to make new friends, while reconnecting with old friends, all while experiencing the Girl Scout mission which is to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.  Diamond Crest Day Camp is located in a county park in Woodside.  Your daughter’s day will begin and end on the bus,  however at camp it will begin and end at the “Aloha” Tree. The Aloha Tree is in the Oak area of day camp and is where we say hello and good-bye to camp and one another each day.  At camp, your daughter will gather with her unit in their assigned camp site area.  After setting-up and discussing the day’s activities, they will venture out into one of our designated areas of the park to participate in programmed activities ranging from meadow games and storytelling to camp skills and arts and crafts.  Her day will be very busy and as evidenced by her appearance when she gets off the bus at the end of the day, a little dirty too.  

Each day will vary, however all days will include

  • A warm greeting by a member of our staff as they make their way to the Aloha Tree
  • Songs and frivolity at the Aloha tree while waiting for all of the buses to arrive
  • A respectful Flag Ceremony to officially begin our day at camp
  • In-Unit and/or programmed activities throughout the day
  • A gathering time to enjoy either a lunch they have brought from home or one they have prepared with their unit
  • Another respectful Flag Ceremony to officially end our day at camp

At  Diamond Crest Day Camp, many of our volunteers come to camp year after  year to make new friends and reconnect with old friends.  These volunteers are dedicated to making your daughter’s day camp experience a healthy and positive growth experience while always maintaining a  playful atmosphere of friendship.  

camp date, location, and what to bring/wear


When and where will Day Camp be this year?

  •  Camp dates for 2020 are July 27-30 and Aug 3-6, 2020. Please note there is no camp on Fridays. 
  • The  last day of camp for campers entering grades 1-3 is Wed of the second week (8/5). Girls in grades 4-10 may opt to spend the night on the second Wed and will return by noon on Thu (8/6/20).

What should my camper bring/wear to camp?

  • We  have ticks, poison oak, yellowjackets, and the occasional rattlesnake at camp. Please dress your camper in sturdy shoes, long pants that cover the ankles (no shorts, leggings, or pants with large holes), and shirts with sleeves (t-shirts are OK). Shorts, leggings, shirts without sleeves, pants with large holes, and open toed shoes are NOT safe camp  attire. Wearing light colored socks will also help aid in finding any ticks after camp.
  • Please see the Camp Details file for info on what to wear and bring to camp.



Where can I update my online account or make changes to the registration form?

  • Families can update their registration forms by logging into their Active account at https://campsself.active.com/DiamondCrestGirlScoutDayCamp until June 30 of the camp year. After that, please email diamondcrestdaycamp@yahoo.com and unit leaders and/or bus lead with any changes. Please note that, as there is no internet at camp, changes made after June 30 will need to be manually added to all camp reports.
  • Our camp is one session over the course of two weeks. There is no discount for attending only one week. AIT’s are required to attend all days in order to complete the AIT program.
  • Please note the following dates before making changes to your registration form:
  • Girls are placed in units by grade level in mid-March. Please be sure your girls’ grade level is correct (grade she is entering in the fall), and any friend requests are updated before then. 
  • Girls are placed in buses in late April/early May. Please be sure your girl’s first and second bus stop choices are accurate before then, and reflect any friends she might like to ride the bus with or participate in carpooling with. Please note that changing the “Transportation Choice”  fields in Active does NOT change your camper’s bus assignment - that can only be done by contacting us by email.
  • The  online system is closed to changes as of 6/30 each year, when we start  making camp reports and sending them to the printer. If you have changes after this date, please email your unit leaders and bus lead as appropriate.

What if I need to cancel my child’s registration?

  • Cancellations must be submitted to diamondcrestdaycamp@yahoo.com and  should include the following information: parent/guardian name, email address, phone number and the name and grade level of the camper(s).  Refunds will be processed within 7 business days of the receipt of a  cancellation email. Fees below are per participant.
  • Prior to June 1:  Full refund, less the non-refundable $20 registration fee.
  • After  June 1:  Partial refund. A $75 cancellation fee plus the non-refundable  $20 registration fee will be charged, for a total of $95. The balance will be refunded.
  • After July 1: No refund.

Why is the $20 registration fee non-refundable?

Diamond Crest Day Camp is an entirely volunteer-run  organization - not a single person gets paid to run this camp. Active, the online registration system, charges us for every application and  every credit card transaction, so we are charged about $20 for each registration we receive, regardless of whether the camper is accepted  into our program or chooses to cancel their registration. 

When can I register my child(ren) for Diamond Crest Day Camp?

  • Registration for 2020 will be open from February 1-28. No late applications will be accepted. 
  • Registration is NOT first come, first served. Once registration closes, campers will  be admitted based on available space according to the Admission Policy.

How do I register my child(ren) for Diamond Crest Day Camp?

Links to register will be announced on the Day Camp page, and will also be sent out by email to previous campers through Active on the day registration begins. 

My daughter is not a Girl Scout, can she still attend camp?

Yes!  Please note, there will be an additional $45 fee for any camper, AIDE,  or Junior Unit Leader who is NOT currently a registered Girl Scout. The  fee is required by Girl Scouts of Northern California and covers Girl  Scout membership and insurance. Non-Girl Scouts also receive the lowest  priority for camp admission. Please see our Admission Policy for details.

What are the types of campers?

  1. Campers: girls entering grades 1 through 7 in the upcoming fall.  7th grade campers will participate in the “Aides-in-Training” (AIT) program.
  2. Aides-in-Training (AIT): The  AITS spend their time at camp preparing for their future roles as  program Aides the following year (entering 8th grade). It is necessary that girls registering as AITS are able to attend camp the entire two weeks of the program.  The Day Camp Team is continually striving to provide all of our campers  an excellent camp experience. Well-trained Aides are critical to this  goal! Please review the Admission Policy before  applying - this program is limited in its capacity and we often have to  turn girls away. Priority admission to the AIT program is given to  children of staff, Diamond Crest Girl Scouts registered on time by  September 30 of the prior year, and girls who have attended camp the  most years.
  3. AIDES: Girls  entering grades 8 through 10 who have completed the AIT program serve  as assistants to Day Camp staff, working with Unit Leaders to help  supervise campers. Any applicant who has not completed the Diamond Crest  AIT training or equivalent will be placed in the AIT unit to complete  training, regardless of her current grade level. All new and returning Aides are required to attend training on-site the Sunday before camp (7/26/20) from 12:00-4:30 p.m.
  4. Junior Staff - JUL (Junior Unit Leader) or JAL (Junior Activity Leader): Girls entering 11th grade, 12th grade or recent high school graduates may serve as Junior Staff.   Must  be entering grade 11 or higher. Junior Unit Leaders who will be 18  before the first day of camp (July 22) should register as Adult Staff.

  • All  JUL’s and JAL’s must have completed AIT training or equivalent* and  been an AIDE for 3 years, or an AIDE for 2 years, plus 1 year as an LIT
  • *  If equivalent, would need to submit an application verifying training  & experience working with children and accompanied by three  references.

Can my son or pre-schooler attend camp?

As a courtesy to our adult staff members, we offer an onsite  childcare program for the Potty-Trained Preschoolers and Kindergarteners  (Pixies) and Boys entering grades 1-7 for a charge of $75. The parent  or guardian of the child must be onsite at camp for their child to  attend either of these programs. Pixies and Boys may only ride the bus  with their parent or guardian. Boys older than grade 7 may apply for a limited number of spaces as an AIDE for the Boys unit. 

What grade level should I enter for my camper?

Campers are assigned to units based on the grade they will enter in the fall (not the grade they are in when you register). Please be sure this information is correct, as it affects unit placement.

Why and how should I make a Friend Request?

Friend requests are considered when placing girls entering grades 1-5 in units at camp. Units are assigned by grade level, so be sure to request  friends in the same grade as your camper. Please include friend’s first and last name, and if you request a friend outside your camper’s Girl Scout Troop, please indicate her troop and/or school.

Can my child participate in Archery?

Subject to archery instructor availability, all campers who will be entering 5th grade in the fall will participate in Archery one day during camp. There is no additional cost  for Archery, and it is assumed that all 5th graders will participate.  If you wish to opt out of Archery for your child, please indicate this on your registration form, or once camp starts please contact your camper’s unit leader directly. All archery participants must sign the Archery Waiver before the close of registration.

Can my child participate in Horseback Riding?

All campers who will be entering 6th grade in the fall will go Horseback Riding at Webb Ranch one day during the first week of camp (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday). There is no additional cost for Horseback Riding, and it is assumed that all 6th graders will participate. If you wish to opt out of Horseback Riding for your child,  please indicate this on your registration form, or once camp starts please contact your camper’s unit leader directly. All horseback riding participants must sign the Horseback Riding Waiver before the close of registration.



All Day Camp staff are volunteers!

This opportunity is open to all adults (age 18 as of the beginning of camp), not just Girl Scout leaders.  

Is there mandatory training?

Yes!  Volunteers are required to attend the following training dates in preparation for camp:


  • Tue Feb 4 7-8pm - New Volunteer Orientation (please contact us for location)
  • Wed Apr 8 7-9pm - Orientation/Welcome (all staff, location TBD)
  • Wed May 6 7-9pm - Meet by Level or Job-Alike (all unit leaders and program staff, location TBD)
  • Wed May 20 7-9pm - Program Night (all unit leaders, location TBD)
  • Sat June 27 - Outdoor Cooking Training (all leaders with less than 2 years experience)
  • Sun Jul 26 9a-12:30p - On-Site Training and Camp Load-in at Huddart Park (all on-site staff)


Diamond  Crest Day Camp relies on a well trained camp staff to provide a safe and fun camping experience for all of our campers and therefore we ask  that all Day Camp volunteers complete 18 hours of annual training.  We understand that, sometimes, missing a training can not be helped.  If you must miss one of the Day Camp scheduled trainings, and need to make up  some of the 18 training hours, check out the "GSUSA Optional Training  Hours" section on the linked Training Log and be prepared to turn in the documentation asked for on the sheet.

I would like to volunteer at Day Camp - what kinds of things could I do?

If  you are interested in volunteering at camp, please register yourself as Adult Staff and fill out the registration forms. Our Volunteer  Coordinator will contact you soon! Please also complete Adult Registration with GSNorCal to become a registered and screened Girl Scout Volunteer.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  •  Children of Staff are given priority for registration.
  • Camp is discounted for all children of staff. 

What credentials do I need to volunteer?


  • Volunteers are required to complete 18 hours of training (6 hours credit for returning staff). Please see the Diamond Crest Day Camp Training Log for training dates and online options to fulfill this requirement.
  • All  staff, including COPs, must also be approved Girl Scout volunteers who have passed a background check and register themselves with the  Volunteer Role “Camp Crew - Diamond Crest Day Camp” through MyGS. 
  • If you are already a registered Girl Scout for this year, please go to https://gsmembers.force.com/members/login, sign in, click "Member Profile" and check to see if "Camp Crew" is listed as  one of your Active Troop Roles on your Member Profile. If it is, you are all set! If not, please click “Add Role” and search "Day Camp Crew”  in the Troop box, then select “Diamond Crest Day Camp 56102". If you have issues, please call council at 1-800-447-4475.
  • If you are not a registered Girl Scout for this year, Please register here: https://girlscouts.secure.force.com/. Enter your info, select "I want to Volunteer" and click Next. In the Troop box, search for "Day Camp Crew,” and add yourself as "Day Camp Crew" for Diamond Crest Day Camp at Huddart Park. Cost is $25 for a one year membership. 
  • Background  check should also be performed when you register for Girl Scouts of  Northern California, and cost is approximately $12.
  • If you have any trouble, please call GS NorCal at 1-800-447-4475.

2020 Pricing structure



Tax Information

Please save your original payment receipt, emailed by Active, for tax deduction information. Our Tax ID is on the receipt emailed to you by Active when you registered

Is financial aid available?

Yes! Financial assistance is available through Girl Scouts of Northern California and the application  can be submitted any time before June 1 – earlier is better. Please indicate your interest in receiving information about financial aid by checking the box on your registration form.

Can I apply Fall Sale/Cookie Rewards to pay for camp?

Yes! Girl Scouts of Northern California “Fall Sale/Cookie Rewards” may be used to pay camp fees. Please send an email with the following  information: parent's name and phone number, camper’s first and last  name, all the numbers on the card (front and back) and the dollar amount  of the credit. Send this information to campfinance@diamondcrest.org.

Can I pay by check?

Yes!  Deposit is required electronically as part of the registration system. If you would like to pay the remainder of your balance by check, please email campfinance@diamondcrest.org for instructions. 

What if I need to cancel my child’s registration?

Cancellations must be submitted to diamondcrestdaycamp@yahoo.com and  should include the following information: parent/guardian name, camper  name, email address, phone number and the grade level of the camper(s).  Refunds will be processed within 7 business days of the receipt of a  cancellation email. Fees below are per participant.

  • Prior to June 1:  Full refund, less the non-refundable $20 registration fee.
  • After  June 1:  Partial refund. A $75 cancellation fee plus the non-refundable  $20 registration fee will be charged, for a total of $95. The balance  will be refunded.
  • After July 1: No refund.



General Information

Please see our Bus Details and Bus FAQ (links will be live a week before camp in the Unit and Bus  Assignments file and will also be emailed in the Week 1 Reminders email in July) for Bus Lead and Bus COP contact information, details about bus stops, dropoff and pickup times, and pickup process.

How will my child get to camp?

  • Bus transportation is provided from local schools in the Belmont, Redwood  Shores, and San Carlos area, with morning pick-up times from 8:00 to  8:10 a.m., returning to the schools between 3:45 and 4:00 p.m. 
  • All  campers are required to ride the bus, and all staff are strongly encouraged to ride the bus unless they have a job that requires them to be at camp before the buses. Boys and Pixies (children of staff) may  only ride the bus with their parent volunteer.
  • Plan to arrive a few minutes before your bus departure time to find parking and walk your camper to the bus. 

What if I need someone else to pick up my child from the bus?

  •  Be sure you sign up for the same 1st and 2nd choice bus stops as your friend’s child if they are attending camp as well. 
  • You may include up to 3 people (other than listed parents/guardians) in the Bus Pickup section of the registration form as authorized pickup persons (this allows for up to 5 people!). All changes to this form  must be made before June 30 of the camp year, to allow us time to generate paper reports used by Bus staff.
  • If you need to add a pickup person after June 30, please print and fill out the Pickup Authorization Change Form, sign and date it, and hand it to your Bus Lead in the morning when your child boards the bus.

What if I want my camper to walk home from the bus?

  • You have the option of checking “Yes” to the registration form question “Can camper walk home from the bus?”. If you checked "Yes", your camper will  be released from the bus first each afternoon. 
  • Please be advised that once campers are released from the bus, they are no  longer the responsibility of Daycamp staff and Bus COPs. Please only authorize your camper to walk if they are actually walking home or if  you are OK with them being left alone at the bus stop until you arrive.
  • You can check your camper’s walk status by logging in to your Active account and seeing what you checked under the “Transportation” section.
  • If you want to change your camper’s walk status, please print and fill out the Pickup Authorization Change Form and hand it to your Bus Lead in the morning at dropoff.




AIDES and AIT’s (entering grades 7-10) have a special  ceremony and overnight on Tuesday night of the second week of camp  (7/30/19), It is assumed that all AIT’s and AIDES will spend the night  on Tuesday of the second week of camp.  

Grades 4-10

All campers entering grades 4-10 will spend the night on Wednesday of the second week of camp (Aug. 5, 2020). 

Can my camper opt out of the overnight?

Yes. If you wish to opt your camper out of  these overnights, please indicate this by checking the appropriate box  on your registration form, or after camp starts please contact your camper’s unit leader. If your camper changes her mind about the overnight after the 2nd day of camp - you will need to arrange to come to Huddart Park to pick her up.

Why can’t I change my camper’s overnight status at the last minute?

Attendance,  health, and bus reports are printed before camp, and must be distributed. If you need to change your camper’s overnight  status once camp begins, you will need to arrange to pick your camper up at the Park by 2pm. Please DO NOT take your child from camp without checking in with the attendance desk.

Attendance and Early Pick-Up from Day Camp



Nearly 700 campers and 100 staff travel to and from day camp each day on 16 buses. As there is no electricity or wi-fi at camp, attendance for campers is a completely manual process.  Every camper must be accounted for before we can send the buses home each afternoon.  To ensure your camper’s safety, these protocols are in place for exceptions to typical attendance procedures. 

My camper can’t come to camp on a particular day, what should I do?

  • If you know this in advance, please print, fill out, and sign the Attendance Exception Form and hand it to the Bus Lead during drop-off
  • If you do not know this in advance, please contact your camper’s Bus Lead and unit leaders to let them know.

My camper missed the bus to day camp today, what should I do?

Drive your camper to the Oak Area of Huddart Park (1000 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside) and take her to the day camp Attendance Table to check in.  She will be escorted to her unit by a responsible day camp staff  member.

I need to pick my camper up early from day camp, what should I do?

We strongly discourage this practice, however understand that sometimes it cannot be avoided. Please note that the latest you may arrive for a planned pick-up from day camp is 2:00 pm.  For unplanned pick-ups, please arrive no later than 1:30 pm.

Planned Early Pick-Ups:

  • Please print, fill out, and sign the Attendance Exception Form and hand it to the Bus Lead during drop-off
  • Remind  your camper in the morning that you (or someone you have authorized)  will be picking her up early – she will be escorted to the attendance table a few minutes prior to the designated time where she will wait for  you.
  • Plan to be at the day camp Attendance Table, located in the Oak Area of Huddart Park (1000  Kings Mountain Road, Woodside) where you will pick your camper up and  sign her out before 2pm.  A driver’s license will be required for identification.

Unplanned Early Pick-Ups:

  • Plan to be at the day camp Attendance Table located in the Oak Area of Huddart Park (1000 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside) no later than 1:30pm.  Someone will locate your camper and bring her to the Attendance Table where you will be united with her and will sign her out.  
  • A driver’s license will be required for identification.  
  • If you send someone in your place, please be available at the phone number you have provided to camp as you will need to give phone authorization. 
  •  In addition, your authorized adult will need to provide their driver’s license for  identification.

health & safety


Social Issues

What is Girl Scouts' position on serving transgender youth?

  • “Girl Scouts is proud to be the premiere leadership organization for girls in the country. Placement of transgender youth is handled on a case-by-case basis, with the welfare and best interests of the child and the members of the troop/group in question a top priority. That said, if the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.” Read more here.

How does Girl Scouts' position on serving transgender youth apply to situations involving camping or volunteers?

  • "These situations are rare and are considered individually with the best interests of all families in mind. Should any girl requiring special accommodations wish to camp, GSUSA recommends that the local council makes similar accommodation that schools across the country follow in regard to changing, sleeping arrangements, and other travel-related activities. With respect to volunteers, Girl Scouts welcomes both male and female adult volunteers and has developed appropriate safeguards regarding roles and responsibilities to ensure that girls receive the proper supervision and support."

Health and Safety

Your child’s health and safety are of utmost importance to us!  Before camp begins you will be given the opportunity to supply us with your camper’s health information.  Please be thorough and send an update if necessary – we read through all health information and will contact you before camp begins if we have any questions.   During Day Camp, your camper will participate in various activities supervised by our trained volunteers; and you can be assured that we  operate according to the Girl Scouts of Northern California’s strict standards for health and safety. Qualified health personnel are present at all times at camp and a trained first aider will accompany the campers to off-site activities such as archery for 5th graders, horseback riding at Webb Ranch for 6th graders, and hikes for all campers – especially our 4th graders who may visit the Woodside Store.  We ask that campers remain at home for a minimum of 24 hours following a sickness involving fever, vomiting, and/or loose bowel movements.  

What is the procedure for sending my camper with medications?

 For "Emergency" type medications such as Epi-pens, Inhalers, and other emergency devices:

  • Campers entering up to 3rd grade:  Epi-pens, Inhalers and other devices should be placed in a ziplock bag  with camper’s name, phone number, and unit number written on it.  A copy  of the allergy action plan (or directions from camper’s doctor) should  also be placed in the bag.  Campers should bring the bag to camp each  day in their backpack and provide it to their unit leader during camp.  At the end of the day, the unit leader should return it to them for the  ride home on the bus.  When you receive your camper's unit assignment,  reach out to their specific unit leader to make sure they are aware your  camper is bringing medication to camp, so you can review specific  instructions with the leader.
  • Campers entering 4th grade and higher will  keep their own epi-pen, inhaler, or other emergency device during the  day, but will need to be reminded to keep it with them if the unit  leaves the area they are normally assigned.

Other  "non-emergency" medications with doses that should be taken during camp:

  • Should be turned into the nurse each day with instructions as to how  the medication should be used. 
  • This includes medications such as cough  syrup, antibiotics, pain relievers, etc.  
  • The medication should be placed in a bag with the camper's name, phone number, and unit number.